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Greetings from Chris

War Room is my second novelization of a film and I'm excited I was able to work with Stephen and Alex Kendrick.

I heard about the story after filming was complete. On a trip to Chicago I read the script and wept at several parts. (A good sign.)

The rough cut of the film came and I watched it over and over and over, trying to get the dialog and setting right, while staying with the heart of the story.

I feel this simple story, this simple message about the power of prayer and the necessity of it, is exactly what we need today.

I pray the novel and the film will work hand in hand to call us to do the most powerful thing we can do.
Chris Fabry

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chrisfabry Great interview with @PriscillaShirer - love how her heart for prayer dovetails with Kendricks' #WarRoomMovie vision.
Aug 25replyretweet
chrisfabry Thinking about reading WAR ROOM before seeing the @WarRoomMovie? Here’s extra incentive to read it on your device!
Aug 16replyretweet
chrisfabry Today my new novel releases—and here’s an early review. This is a “small” story with a big heart.
Aug 04replyretweet

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